Pics of my first LV purchase!

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  1. Today was my first visit to a LV boutique and a great one it was! I was there to exchange a V-day present (the Palermo PM). The wonderful SA spent an hour with me trying on various styles and prints. Funny I thought I was sure I'd walk out with an Azur bag, but I couldn't help want a Mono as 'my first'. Since it was less expensive than the Palermo, I justified buying a wallet too:smile:

    Here's some pics of the items I fell in love with......


    The Monty PM and Sarah wallet in Amarante Vernis-a color too rich and luscious to turn down:smile:

    And a modeling pic:


    Thanks to all you girls on the forum who gave suggestions and personal experiences with their purchases-it really helped!
  2. Yikes...that was my first time posting pics.....don't know how to make them smaller...anyone?
  3. just gorgeous!!! love your purchases!!
  4. Congrats on your first LV purchases!!!!! I say you made the perfect choice especially adding the the modeling pic!
  5. Looks great! Congrats!
  6. Congrats on your first LVs!
  7. Very nice and I love the wallet.
  8. Look amazing with your new LV purchases! Congratulations!!!
  9. Congrats! After 2 years I still love my monty. Love your wallet too. Great choices!
  10. Congratulations!! beautiful choices, especially the wallet! wear them in good health!!:woohoo:
  11. oh wow i love that bag!!!! the wallet is gorgeous great color! i think you made great choices congrats the bag is perfect on you.
  12. congrats!!! Monty looks great on you and the wallet is gorgeous too!!! is the Monty really roomy? i think i will be checking this out on Friday. :nuts:
  13. Monty is beautiful, as is your Sarah wallet and what a super photo, you must be over the moon. Palermo and Galliera PM currently have my attention, though now there is another choice to consider!!!!!
  14. beautiful, looks great on you
  15. Thats such a nice bag and wallet. Great choices! I'm happy that you had such a fun experience at the boutique. The bag looks wonderful on you. Enjoy your new beauties.