PICS OF MY FIRST LV:Damier Ebene Berkeley!!

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  1. Thanks!!

    With the gorgeous collection u have this should be the next bag u own!!

  2. Very nice!!

    I saw a fake one a few months ago and wanted to :throwup:
  3. Congrats! It is gorgeous!
  4. Gorgeous first, congrats! The Berkeley is such a classy bag.
  5. gorgeous!!! does this style come in azur too??
  6. Congrats on your first LV - it's beautiful!
  7. Just saw your pics! Its very nice and different! I don't often see ppl with Berkeleys on the streets :smile:

    Im going to LV during my lunch break to try it out
  8. Yes it does!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Trust me, I also tried the I know what I'm telling you!!

    The berkeley is more refined casual bag...u can get much more use of it...the tivoli I would only use it as a day bag..its much too casual.

    When u go to the store , I know u will decide for the Berkeley! You'll see why!! ( I hope!)

    In the end, it what u decide and makes u feel comfy.

    Let me know what u decide!!!!! GL!!

  10. please post modelling pics if you can! :smile:

  11. Yes...
  12. Gorgeous bag!!!!
  13. Great choice!
  14. wow....beautiful!congrats!
  15. Great bag. I want to own one someday...