PICS OF MY FIRST LV:Damier Ebene Berkeley!!

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  1. Cute purse!
  2. Congrats! I sold mine because I wasn't using her as much as my SO Damier Deauville, but it always looks fabulous!! Good choice!! :smile:

  3. Love it!! Congrats!
  4. i A D O R E this bag - it is SO classy!!! Congratulations!!!
  5. Gorgeous, congrats!
  6. Congrats!!
  7. LOL!! Thanks! I got carried away trying to show the inside of the bag....glad u liked!!!
  8. Thanks!!! Actually that's the best thing about this that u can adjust the handles so u can put it on your shoulder as well as carrying it on your arm. It is quite sturdy in the bottom its got like a division in the bottom to avoid sagging....but I've notice when u pack a lot in it or a 4L applejuice container, it does look with a slight sag. It looks gorgeous anyway.

    In conclusion...If u put ur everyday things in it, it won't sag...because of the sturdy bottom, but if u want to create that sag, I think its possible as well. :smile:

    Get this bag...u won't regret it!

  9. Thank you! I'm not an LV expert, but all I can say is GET THIS BAG. Its diffrent, its not very popular, and if u own a speedy, you'll probably feel ur carrying the cousin....and u can use it in ur shoulder if u decide too! Let me know if u get it!!

    Its ridiculous...I didn't think I'd be thinking of a second bag so quickly!!! I thinking on the Odeon PM or MM... I think I'm officially in trouble! Lol!

  11. LMAO!!!
    Well, I thought if I'm joining the club, I better bring something diffrent to the table... Right??

    It means a lot all of the feedback I'm getting from all u LV experts!!

  12. Congrats! It's gorgeous!
  13. congrats..its beautiful!
  14. Congrats!! I'v been loving this bag since it came... You lucky girl:smile:
  15. It's gorgeous! Fantastic choice on your first, very original :tup: Congrats!