PICS OF MY FIRST LV:Damier Ebene Berkeley!!


Apr 8, 2007
Hi guys,

I've finally done it....i have my first LV....a Damier Ebene Berkeley!!:yahoo:

For some time now, ive known that if i would ever get an LV bag, it would definetly in Damier Ebene.

I tried on all the Speedys, all the Sistinas,all the Gallieras, and the oh so GORGEOUS Highburry (which was runner up) i decided HANDS DOWN on the BERKELEY.

I was thinking of going for the Speedy as my first LV bag (a classic), but seeing so many ladies with them at the store, made me want to go for the cousin.....THE BERKELEY!

If i can recommend anyone who wants a diffrent bag from everybody else, let it be their first....or their fifth....get the BERKELEY IN DAMIER EBENE!!!

I get ALOT of admiring glances :nuts:...and im very glad its still not as popular as all the other bags. It makes me feel diffrent and special.

Here are some pics!! That Motts apple juice is almost 4 L and the bag still has some space!! Enjoy the pics!!!;)