Pics of my first Fendi !!!!!!! and a question...

  1. Hi Ladies ,

    I'm really happy, my first Fendi arrived in the mail today !!!

    And I wanted to share pics with you:graucho: ...

    And sorry for this stupid question : is it the regular or the large Spy:confused1:????
    I've posted tags+hologram+modelling (I'm 5.5/168cm) pics to help you (sorry I don't know how to resize) ...
    I think it's the regular...but I'm so new to Fendi:shame:




    Black Spy.jpg Spy goodies.jpg Spy and me.jpg Hologramme.jpg Spy Tag.jpg
  2. Congrats

    Its the regular. The small is the bowling ball type style and the large was only ever made in the early days
  3. Congrats and enjoy! She's lovely!
  4. Thank you Secret_shopaholic and Laksala !!!
    The leather is really smooth and slouchy !!!
    This bag is just like a bridge between MY Balenciaga Planet and the NEW Fendi World...
  5. It's a beauty! Enjoy your Spy!
  6. OMG!!!! The leather on that is amazing! So soft and smooshy!!! Love it! what a great find! Congrats on a gorgeous, supple Spy:yahoo:
  7. Thank you Deco:heart: !!!

    and better pics of my FendiBalenciaga leather bag with all my stuff inside:graucho:

    Better pics 1.jpg Better pics 2.jpg
  8. Congratulations! Its really gorgeous and a great first purchase!
  9. ^^^ BEAUTIFUL!! :heart::heart:What a great first Spy!! The leather looks incredible and you wear it very well! :drool:A perfect companion for your Bals!!:love:
  10. Congrats! She looks awesome on you!
  11. Congratualtions it is beautiful.
  12. And Last Clue for the size...the inside leather tag...
    Is it the right number for a 2006 1 Regular ???
    Leather Tag.jpg
  13. Best way to tell what year you have is on the authenticity card, which does say 2006/1, and on the hologram serial tag, which starts with AB. If it were an older bag (which it would have to be if it were a LARGE sspy), the A would have been on top of the numbers, not right next to it. The bags from 2007 start with AG, AH, AI, so on. AB for 2006/1 sounds right. So you can be certain that you have a regular size Spy from 2006/1:yes:
  14. Deco,

    thanks for the info on the hologram tags. Do you know why the leather serial tag says "05" ? I have seen this before (the petrols!) -- there seems to be some relationship with the year, but it is not exact. At first thought it was fiscal year vs calendar year, but that has not panned out either. :confused1:

    Newest bags have the "07" like the blueberrys...:confused1:
  15. interesting..Baglady - mine turns out to be an 07 and last 3 numbers on her leather tag are 06 9 (one year older?) this is in keeping with the PFer above (my memory is going...can't remember her name LOL) who has an '06 but the numbers are 05

    maybe if the bags were purchased late in the calendar year, Fendi jumped ahead and put the next year in? Also, and i forgot to mention this when we were PMing, the SA at the Bal Harbour (Miami) Fendi said the numbers aren't that significant..............:confused1:
    hmmmmmmmmmm, anyone??