pics of my first 'big girl scarf' purchase - umbrelles et parapluies

  1. and here, i thought i'd be a pochette girl for life! the H gods had something else in store, though - i saw this on a browse through eBay, and it was love at first sight. i know what all of the 'scarfies' here mean now when they talk about really falling for a design. i saw this listing, and my jaw literally dropped! :heart: :heart: :heart: the colorway, the design...everything is just perfect!!

    anyway, here it is...complete with pics of the box, which is overkill i know, but the box says FSH on it b/c she's from the flagship store!

    the images of the 19th century-clad women with their parasols were what did me in - so i'm including a closeup pic of that :smile:
    umbrelles 001.jpg umbrelles 003.jpg umbrelles 004a.JPG umbrelles 005.jpg umbrelles 006.jpg
  2. ...and a couple of very bad modeling pics. i forgot to change my shirt before i tied the scarf, and it doesn't match at all! oh well...scarf's still gorgeous :p

    boy, after looking at these pics, i really need some lessons in tying these bad boys! this is just sad! :roflmfao:
    umbrelles 008.jpg umbrelles 009.jpg umbrelles 012.jpg
  3. OH!!!! It's SO gorgeous, SMC!!!!!! I love those ladies....the color way is really beautiful!!!!
  4. I really do like it alot!!!

    I love scarves with period dresses on them...and this one reminds me of a Victorian Shore day... Wait till HiHeels sees it!!!

    Congrats on the big girl scarf!!!
  5. That's gorgeous!!! Congratulations. Thanks for the great modeling shots are beautiful.
  6. love it!! That is one of my favorites, too. I love all the "your parapluie in action" scenes on the scarf. Congratulations on falling in :heart: with your first carre!!!
  7. SMyC - WHAT a BEAUTIFUL SCARF!! LOVE IT, and I know that "LOVING FEELING":nuts: . Congratulations, and I love your black and white top, too!;)
  8. thanks so much everyone, really!! i'm so excited about it :smile:

    and believe me, i'm scouring this whole forum for tying ideas....i feel like i might need to fly out to the NYC meet just to get a scarf tutorial! lol :smile: i'll go back through rose's thread for sure!

    funny story: i was taking these pics, and my husband had this weird look on his face, so i asked why. he said "i just don't get it. the scarf is really pretty, but i've gone all these years being able to see your neck whenever i want, and now all of a sudden, you want to cover it up all the time??"

    tee hee.....:roflmfao:
  9. ^^^

    Well we know what part he likes...tell him to get you an Evelyne since the Vespa is at the spa and he can see your neck again :yes: :p ;)
  10. Congratulations.. it's beautiful and it looks lovely on your neck!!
  11. Congrats SMC--what a great scarf for you first "big girl" scarf! Looks beautiful on you!
  12. lol, QM :smile: i forgot to tell you that i got the vespa back this week...yay!! :yahoo:

    of course, i still think it'd be important to have a backup for the future... :graucho:
  13. Beautiful! Congrats!
  14. It´s a great scarf, congratulations!