Pics of my first Bbags!!! I love them!

  1. This is my first thread and my first Bbags! Couldn't just get one either! I originally wanted to get the City (I think it's a City - can anyone help verify that?) but then saw the Whistle and just had to have it! That's my spending for the rest of this was worth it!!!
    IMG_2318-1.jpg IMG_2326-1.jpg
  2. :yahoo: Congratulations:yahoo:

    They are gorgeous!
  3. Lovely.
  4. Wow! Good get.
  5. wow the leather on the whistle is TDF! Congrats and welcome :biggrin:
  6. Beautiful!! Congrats!! :yes:
  7. aaww congrats! they're pretty :yes:
  8. Welcome mylurv. That is in fact a City. It's lovely. You're Whistle bag is simply TDF!!!!

    Congratulations. BTW, that WON'T be your last spending for the year - that's what we all say.:p
  9. First of all, welcome to the PF!
    Congratulations! Both your bag are gorgeous, but the Whistle is just amazing. The leather looks so good :drool:
  10. :yahoo: :smile: :yahoo:
    Your first bbags and first post into TPF! Congrats and Welcome mylurv! Both look delicious!
  11. OMG! You got the whistle with the gator trim!!! i LOVE that bag!

    do other people love the whistle like i do?!!?

    i have 4 sitting in my house right now that i got the BEST deal on and i want to keep them so bad! (i'm selling them on eBay) i think i will keep one if i can afford it!

    do you know, are they made of lambskin? they are sooo soft.
  12. I love the whistle. I've never seen one like that before. Welcome to our little home away from home.
  13. WOW great bags and I love the whistle. :yahoo:
  14. Congrats! Beautiful bags!:yes:
  15. wow! two at one time for your first bbag purchase?, thats awesome!!
    Love the colors! CONGRATS