Pics of my feathered friends

  1. I just learned how to use DH's camera and download pics. I took some pics of my birds to see if I got it right. I hope it works. Rosie is a rose breasted cockatoo. Harley is a caique. Buddy is a parrotlett. Here goes ......



  2. They are so cute! Do they share a cage?
  3. Awww there adorable Kat. We have two cockatiels Mickey and Samantha, well Samantha should be called Sam, cos we thought we bought a boy and a girl, and we realized through lack of activity in the cage, plus no eggs that Samantha was indeed a guy. Anyway they are adorable.

    I want a parrot but my husband said there too noisy.:cry:
  4. Love them!

    Had to smile at the thought of a Kat with feathered friends though :biggrin:
  5. gosh, they r so colorful......
  6. Pradas- you should *still* get a parrot!!!

    Kat- They are soo cute!!!!!!
  7. They do not share a cage. Each bird has its own cage and play gym.
  8. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  9. Kat, they're adorable! :o)
  10. Great pics and posting job Kat. They're such cheerful creatures and
    made me smile. :smile:
  11. So cute-what beauties! I had two parakeets growing up. I had them for quite awhile- they were great birds. One day I took the blanket off the cage and the male parakeet had died (of natural causes) The female hung her head and was so sad and quiet. The next day she was dead too. I always believed it was because she didn't want to live anymore without her mate.

    Haven't thought of that for years- well, that's my little love story for the day!
  12. Kat, they are adorable! Do they make much noise?
  13. Kat, they are too cute!!! I have three parakeets myself!
  14. The cockatoo if she wants to can be very loud. However, she rarely squawks. However, she does sing songs, whispers, and talks. You can train birds through positive reinforcement to do certain things and not do certain things. Harley, the caique, whistles and chirps in a moderate tone. It is very pleasing to listen too. Buddy, the parrotlett, chips cheerfully in a low to moderate tone. I love hearing them enjoying themselves.
  15. I believe very strongly that people and animals can die of a broken heart.:sad: