Pics of my ex-love before the LV party

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  1. :rolleyes:

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  2. Misty_situation, u seem to looooooove papillons :smile:
  3. I actually only have three atm:rolleyes:

    The framboise vernis papillon arrived from LT just couple of days ago.
  4. ohh misty youv got a gorgeous papillon family now!!
    and the zippy matches the pap, so cute, and love the color! mmm whenever i see your new bags im so tempted to go check them out at the store.. so bad for me
  5. I'm confused! By "ex-love" do you mean you bought something else that you love even more? BTW, I personally love your bags!
  6. If you carried your framboise vernis bedford to the event, I might have seen you?
  7. Indeed:yes:

    I am now head over heels in :heart: with my Miroir papillionS:love:
  8. :nuts: Really?

    What were you wearing? What bag did you have? With friends or DH or alone? Teeeeeeeeeeell me!
  9. That's a really cute purse! :smile:
  10. Just making sure it really was you I saw. I think you were standing at the back of the store? I was with DH who was trying on some damier geant and utah bags, along with all the men there (moet must be doing its job). I had my black multicolore alma, and had a conspicuous big LV box all paid for and wrapped up (the gold speedy) at my feet. If you are asian, I must have seen correctly. That bedford is spanking new and bright. I noticed cos I've got the french purse and cles in the framboise as well.
  11. how beautiful
  12. Framboise is deeeelicious. :yes:
    I have the lavender (baby blue) from when it first came out. That was my first high end bag :heart:
  13. Lovelove those!! I don´t generally like the Papillon but in vernis it´s stunning!
  14. Very pretty.
  15. :nuts:omgosh your family is going to look AmAzing together :drool: ! you have to take a family pic soon for us!!