pics of my ebay blue MAM!!

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  1. Got my Blue Ebay MAM today..I LUV it! THe color is not navy, its a true dark cool blue.
    Leather is very butter soft, not completely matte, has a very slight subtle sheen.
    I dont know what the actual color is called. But I sure love her! Second pic has flash, the darker ones are a more true rep of the actual color.

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  2. Gorgeous color! Congrats!!
  3. what a great color and a great bag!!! enjoy!
  4. Beautiful bag :drool: and I bet that color will look great with everything.
  5. It's gorgeous! I'm pretty sure that's the one I had my eye on too! Congrats!!! :party:
  6. all i can say is "wow"
  7. Wow, great eBay find. That's a beautiful color.
  8. I wish my catholic school unifroma hadn't been navy because I love it and it's gorg in the MAM I jsut can't get past that ! :sad:
  9. I like that color a lot. Very cute!
  10. Congrats on scoring the beauty!
  11. It's gorgeous! Is it navy or or is it stonewash blue? The color looks a lot like a stonewash blue Nikki someone else had. Congrats, you've got my RM hg! :drool:
  12. The color is so chic
  13. Congrats - It's beautiful!
  14. Hi Hedi Sr, another nice bag you've got! I love the leather on this bag! :smile:
  15. beautiful!