Pics of my east west mix tote and which do I keep?!!

  1. Hi there,
    I have managed to take pics of my heavily pregnant self and the two bags I am disputing over, and hopefully with visual aid you guys can help finalise my decision. To date in my other thread most people voted for the east west mix quilt tote, and I am wondering if that is still the case after seeing the images in as real as life can possibly get, note the pregnant belly will not be a permanent accessory!
  2. Id say the's so hot. Comparing them together, side by side, it almost looks as if the East West Mix tote is trying to be as cool as the Alonya, but isn't really there...its like a half a**ed version.
  3. I vote for the Alyona, it gives you more options in terms of how you carry it. Plus you can always remove the chain if you don't want the look of gold chain. Can't do that with the Mix Tote:nogood:.
    Also, give yourself a break, you look great. Congrats on that pregnant belly!:heart:
  4. i agree- alyona!! it's beautiful and so is your belly crazy! congrats on the new bag and the new baby!
  5. i am sorry... i don't know all the names but i really like the quilted one with the chain the best... it is so beautiful. is that the alyona??
  6. [​IMG]

    My vote goes to the Alyona!
  7. Alyona, no contest.
  8. what a tough choice! I think for you, the grey Alyona looks great! it will probably be more practical when baby is here too. no worries about the cold metal chain.

    congrats on the baby too! so exciting!

    and maybe later on, get a black mixed quilt tote? that bag is still hot!
  9. i'm going to be the dissenting voice here, but i still vote for the mix quilted tote. the alyona has an odd shape. it's basically a trapezoid. the corners on the bottom get even pointier while the top gets narrower when you're carrying it. it's difficult to explain. i became disenchanted with mine when i saw how putting things in it changes the shape of it.
  10. I respectfully dissent and vote for the EW Tote.

    I prefer the way contrasting textures make the bag seem sleeker and also prefer the look of the strap w/the leather on the shoulder.
    You can't loose with either bag, though, as they are both lovely. :girlsigh:
  11. I'm still voting for the Mix Quilted Tote too. (I have it in black and love it. :tup:) To me, the design of the Mix Quilted is more chic and also more classic, while the design of the Alyona is a bit awkward and trendy too.
  12. Alyona, it looks devine on you, so rich and elegant!!!
  13. EW. I think it's chicer because of the mixed leather, and not as common as the quilted on the Alyona. The contrast in leather colors is great and adds depth in a way that the flat Alyona does not have.

    Of course, if you choose the Alyona, you'd still look fab but send the EW my way! :p
  14. Hmmm..interesting, I guess I could have always cheated and got them both but in different colours, to make life easier, but to be honest I only ever liked the East West tote in the grey, and the alyona in the black or grey, and the black alyona wasn't as accessible as the grey, it sold out immediately, so now I have to decide. I kind of prefer the pics of myself with the alyona, but then it isn't a firm yes, as I sheepishly keep looking at the East West tote too. I need a firm and conclusive final call.
  15. Treat yourself!!! Keep em both!!!