Pics of my E/W with bijoux chain

  1. Here are the pictures everyone wanted to see.
    Isn't she pretty lol

  2. this caviar? and how much did u pay for this bag?
  3. is caviar. I actually got VERY lucky and found this authentic bag on eBay....I paid $1180.00 for it. The retail is $1395.00 plus tax.

    The bag is really awesome....and not to mention that is transitions beautifully from a day bag to an evening bag. While I LOVE LOVE the clutch, this is better for me because I need a strap. Can't get any better than this chain. It glistens.
  4. Ohhh, she's beautiful! Congrats.
    Looks great on you.
  5. lovely! you wear it well!
  6. :nuts::heart: Congrats on your gorgeous bag, you look amazing!
  7. Gorgeous!!!
  8. that just looks stunning on you! Congrats!
  9. Excuse the clothes and the was after Midnight! LOL
  10. it's awesome !!
  11. can u give me the style # of this bag...Im thinking to get one!! Hopefully, my SA can locate me one!
  12. What a wonderful bag! You totally scored and got a great deal on that bag!:yahoo:
  13. The new chain is super. You look great with the bag.
  14. It looks lovely on you.
  15. Pretty!