Pics of my E/W bayswater

  1. Such a great size and shape - looks very versatile.
    And I just :heart: the colour! Congratulations!
  2. OOh congratulations. Can you post the piccie on the catwalk thread?
  3. Oh, it's gorgeous. What a stunning shade. I'm starting to like Mulberry's colours more and more.
  4. It is beautiful. Great collection!
  5. :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:Congrats, it's lovely!
  6. I love the colour !!!!!

    How could I forget !!! Your new range is Fab !!!
  7. It really suits you.Love the size and colour.
  8. Ooooo Rachie it's gorgeous. I'm soooo tempted!
  9. Rach its gorgeous!!!!! Looks so good on you too (slightly intimidated that that you think you look scruffy there!!!!) I think you have a lovely diverse collection of bags,just stunning!!!

    And so kind of you to remember Tara with your piccie taking!!! I have just been drooooooolling and stealing ideas for our new house!!!! You have great taste!!!
  10. Lovely bag and great kitchen!!!! Sooooo jealous of that range!!! My kitchen is similar with the white cabinets and granite tops, but not as large!!