pics of my dusty mam

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  1. This is my new Dusty Mam. I treated this with LMB "for handles only" and "pro treatment" and then sprayed with Wilsons. It didn't change the color one bit. This bag is so soft and smooshy, if I hadn't stuffed it to take the pic it would have just been a puddle of mush! I love this color, and the new hardware, but it really should be treated before using. It is a great neutral color with just a hint of pink.

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  2. Great pics. I have this bag, too. But I need to order the For Handles Only. I've carried it a few times but now I'm feeling paranoid about protecting the handles. Thanks for posting your pics and for the advice on treatment.
  3. I love it! Thanks for the photos. I almost bought a dusty MAM a while ago, but went with the Night Blue instead. I love my Night Blue, but I still keep thinking about the Dusty with longing... :girlsigh:
  4. if I didn't have the night blue in the nikki, I definitely would have gotten it in the mam. Such a great smooshy color. I love how it changes.
  5. I love the hardware against that color, it's so feminine. Very pretty! Congrats!
  6. Love the bag, nice pics!
  7. sooo pretty!
  8. I have the MAB dusty & I love it. Such a pretty color.
  9. Your bag is so pretty! I'm so jealous!!
  10. Beautiful
  11. very pretty redskater!
  12. It's very pretty are you going to treat it with anything?
  13. I love your bag! It's really a lovely neutral colour for all seasons, imo.

    Can I ask if you tried to waterproof the bag? I sprayed my Sage mam with aLOT of waterproof leather protection spray (the one used for mulberry bags, I can't find LMB products in my country) and the leather just suck it all up, and when I tried to drip a little water on it, the bag also suck up water. It's just so weird. No stains or anything though.
  14. ^^LOL Ladies- she has treated the bag...

    Read the post again "I treated this with LMB "for handles only" and "pro treatment" and then sprayed with Wilsons"

    TBH! Redskater is one of the only gals i've seen who has RELIGIOUSLY treated all her bags! Red- can i send my bags to you to have them treated! I suck as this :upsidedown:
  15. thanks Desi, I actually cringe when I first treat a bag, but I'm so anal about keeping them nice and I've had such good luck with those products. My DH says I should start a service! It really is pretty easy and I trust LMB, I think they have great products.