Pics of my Deauville!

  1. I couldn't figure out how to add pics to my other post, so here they are!! I'm not so great with the self pic.:blink: Ignore my workout clothes:smile:

  2. I love it! It totally suits you, workout clothes and all! That heat stamp looks fab!
  3. Congrats, it looks lovely on you. :smile:
  4. i love your bag, deauville is one of my fave bags!!
  5. Looks great! Such a great bag!

    Love the stamped tag, too!
  6. Perfect! :yes:
    Maybe I should take a closer look at the Deuville, the Trouville seems so tiny and has really short handles... Mh... :shrugs:
  7. Congrats! I love it!
  8. I was just thinking that!

    JoesWife, this bag is gorgeous on you - thanks for the pics! And the heatstamp is great. You don't find that the Deauville is too big to carry every day?
  9. Congrats! Great buy!
  10. Oh, how pretty! Love the heat stamp.
  11. Thanks so much everyone!!:smile: I don't find it too big to carry everyday. But I'm not a small girl, so I usually carry bigger size bags. I love it, the 4 pockets inside are great for cell, keys, gloss etc. and there is pleanty of room left for wallet, Ipod, makeup case and paperback book, but I don't find it bulky at all! The trouville seemed a little small for everyday. (for me)
  12. Congrats, looks nice on you:smile:
  13. Gorgeous bag, it looks great on you 2. Congrats.
  14. perfect on you. Love th heat stamp.congrats
  15. HOT!!!:love: