Pics of my darling chloes!!

  1. The rouge paddington is currently my fave out of the bunch but the tan hobo is such a joy to carry as it's much more shoulder friendly!!
    IMGChloe.jpg IMGChloered.jpg
  2. So Cute - I Love the tan hobo and am on the prowl for one myself. Thanks for posting.
  3. You have a beautiful collection. There's nothing like the leather of the Paddy's.
  4. Thanks for your sweet coments! You're right about the leather. The rouge leather of my paddington is so soft and squishy!! I think it will only get better with age.
  5. Oh what a lovely group of paddys you have! I love them all!
  6. Gorgeous! Hey can I see a pic with you wearing your tan hobo? I love hobos! Maybe a blue will be my next purchase.
  7. Love that red paddy, very fresh red...beautiful family reunion of Chloe.:yes:
  8. Love them both! Where did you get your Tan hobo? Can you post a pic of you wearing it?
  9. Ah, the original tan! That's from 05 right? Nothing beats the color and leather of the 05 tan bags.
  10. Such pretty Chloe bags! Very nice!
  11. I have red bag fever, lol! Your red Paddy is very pretty!
  12. Thanks everyone! My tan hobo was an Ebay purchase quite a while is 05 large tan hobo and the leather is also gorgeous! I shall try and take some pics tonight of me wearing it....