Pics of my damier 25 and family

  1. Here is my new Damier Speedy 25 from eluxury. Also pictured, it's sisters Batignolles Horizontal and Mono Speedy 25.


  2. Very pretty bags, you are a lucky girl!! :smile:
  3. Nice bags lori....congrats !!!
  4. Thanks for posting pics lori. Beautiful family you have there. Now I know I can't wait to get my Damier Speedy 25.
  5. wow. pretty babies. you should post one of u using the bag too! :smile:
  6. they are all so nice.
  7. Very lovely family you have there :biggrin:
    Enjoy your new bag!
  8. Lori, those are SO NICE!!!:love: Thanks for sharing pics!!!:biggrin:
  9. LoriB great family pics!!! 0o0o totally loving your Batignolles Horizontal thanks for sharing!
  10. Great pics! Congrats.
  11. They're beautiful! Congrats on your newest purchase!
  12. Congrats, It is B-E-Autiful. lol:biggrin::yes:
  13. Lovely bags! Congrats!
  14. Lovr your new additions to the family!! :love:
  15. Fabulous bag! Congrats