Pics of my Cruise 2008 Melrose Gradient Flap!!!!

  1. So the Cruise 2008 collection has finally arrived in HK today and there is a private shopping session this afternoon for VIP customer. I saw the Melrose Flap and has bought it immediately without further thoughts.

    Guess this will be my default bag on rainy days from now on because I don't have to worry anymore about ruining my delicate lampskin bag during rough weather. :yahoo::woohoo:
    Melrose Flap Bag 001.jpg Melrose Flap Bag.jpg
  2. super:supacool:!!! enjoy it!:flowers:
  3. Oh, it is very pretty! Congrats and Enjoy! Modeling pics?:graucho:
  4. It's beautiful. What colour is it?
  5. Phewwwww..... so beautiful!!!!

  6. Congrats! Very beautiful!!! :love:
  7. wow! i love it! congrats! you are tempting me....
  8. thats a beautiful bag...cant wait to see it in person here in the US
  9. cOngrats on your new addition~!
  10. Ohhh, it definitely is a great bag for rainy days! :nuts: Congrats on your new baby, yay!! :yahoo:
  11. [​IMG]

    So-- super cool!

    Is it patent leather?
  12. Beautiful, congrats!
  13. gorgeous!!
  14. Honeybunch,

    It's sort of greyish white migrating to greyish black color. Will post more pics of its side and back and inside flap so you can see more details of the bag. Here is a pic of what is looks like on the runway fashion show.

    Because of the lighting, I can confirm that the real thing is very much close to what you see on the runway photo.

  15. Alaska,

    It's plastic, but of very good quality plastic. The bag is quilted just like the classic flap bag and is very light, even smells like leather!