pics of my cornflower bag finally

  1. Here's some not so great pics of my cornflower first. These were taken without the flash, but I think they make the bag a little darker than it appears in real life. Sorry about them being slightly blurry, I'm not a great photographer, and I'm not feeling well today. In the picture of the back of the bag, you can see some of the veininess. The front of the bag isn't as veiny. I like this bag, but I still find myself yearning for French Blue!
    pursephoto2.jpg pursephoto1.jpg pursephoto3_edited.jpg
  2. I was wondering what you decided to do about this bag. I like the bag (cornflower was my first bag as well), but it's what you like that matters. Beautiful bag! I just love this color.:smile:
  3. It looks so cute on you! I love blue bbags!
  4. Lizz, I'm still not sure what to do about this bag. I really like it, and if Aloharag doesn't end up getting any FB firsts in that will make the decision very easy.
  5. Gorgeous! I LOVE cornflower!!! It looks incredible with your jeans (and everything else, I'm sure.) Congratulations...and hope you're back in fighting form soon! :boxing:
  6. Thank you Hautecouture and Maggien!
  7. I love Cornflower.:yes: I've heard that Ocean Blue from Fall 2007 is the darker version of the Cornflower.:graucho: Congrats.:yahoo:
  8. :yahoo: Congrats!!!!:yahoo: Such a beautiful color!!!:love: Looks amazing on you!!! Enjoy!:smile:
  9. Very pretty :yes: Why not get the French Blue in another style :idea:
  10. Thank you Nanaz, Zacorey, and Girlycharlie.

    Girlycharlie, I really can only see myself having one blue bag, so I have to decide which color I like better.
  11. I know what you mean... I'm trying to decide between a Marine Mid-Afternoon, Marine City, or Ink City… but then I also want a Grape bag :wtf: In my mind, Grape and blues colors are sort of the same... decisions, decsions :sad: I feel your pain ;)
  12. Well, ICB's thread said the grape had more red tones than blue, if that helps enable you?:devil:
  13. It looks beautiful on you!!! You must be very petite because the bag looks a lil bigger on you than it does on me! lol.
  14. Thank you, Kristy. I noticed also in the picture that my bag looks a little big for me. Oh well, the first is the smallest bag I will get. I am pretty short at 5'2", but I need to lose about 10 pounds before I'll be happy!
  15. Gorgeous color! I'd love to cornflower irl. Have fun with it! Bbags are so much fun to carry. :smile: