PICS of My Coach Scarves

  1. 071011 006a.jpg

    I'm a bit of a scarf collector. Okay, I am a scarf addict:p. I have a lot of scarves, but some of my all-time favorites are Coach.

    My Coach Scarf Collection:heart:(beginning at post #24)

    Some of them are older and some were gifts, so I don't have much info on those. You'll also notice that some of them are a little crunched, but that's because I use them and hate to iron;).

    I know a lot of you must have us:woohoo:!!!
  2. Great collection. I'm an addict too.
  3. Nice collection! I love Coach's scarves too - they have so many pretty ones!
  4. Very cute!
  5. Great collection!! I dont have any scarves...yet! lol
  6. lovely collection...nice to meet follow scarf collector. Coach has the best scarf collection.
  7. scarves would never stay in my hair no matter how hard i try.... but i adore your collection - i especially love the concentric legacy & green dots with siggy!! omg!! i just saw the floral bandanas -- post a pic of how you wear those please! i bet its soo cute
  8. Great collection! I am a huge fan of scarves as well, but don't have nearly that many! Just a beautiful collection! :tup:
  9. You have quite a collection. I don't own any scarves, but now I kinda wish I did.
  10. Cute! It looks great on you!
    Love your entire collection!
  11. Ooh you have a beautiful scarf collection! I especially love the floral one. Ive recently started to collect scarves as well, to put on my bags. I wouldnt begin to know how to actually wear one!!
  12. I don't wear them in my hair a lot, but when I do it has to be over a ponytail band or the scarf just slips right out.

    I love the green polka dots too:heart:! I just had to have that one when I saw it. There is a blue version of the same scarf which I am currently hunting for.
  13. i like them for purses not wearing i have way too short of hair to wear them....even when i had my long hair i didn't...
  14. Babygirl: If you have really short hair, you should wear the scarf around your neck. Short hair + neck scarf + big sunnies = very chic:tup:.
  15. Love your scarf collection! I've just become addicted as well and am working on building my collection. They are so fun and versatile! Never thought about wearing the ponytail scarf around my neck...I'm going to try that for church tomorrow!