PICS of my Coach Scarves!!!

  1. It was so easy to post my Coach bags, I'm going to throw in the scarves just for fun!!

    My Coach Scarves:
    Coach Scarves 070818 027.jpg

    I adore scarves and have many, though only a few Coach right now. They're all a little crunched because I use them a lot. I tie them on my bags, my neck, my ponytail, whatever! My current favorites are the Concentric scarf at bottom right, and the cream and copper one at top left. There are two more on my wish list right now.;)
  2. beautiful scarves! ....oh...and there's that Ergo again! :drool:
  3. So pretty!! I wish I was a little more stylin' - I could do more scarves that way...
  4. Very nice collection. I love Coach scarves.
  5. luv the patent ergo!
  6. Love them, especially the Legacy stripe one!
  7. Great Collection.
  8. Lovely collection! Also great to see that they are being "loved."
  9. Nice collection... I love them all!!
  10. i have that concentric scarf and was wondering if you could tell me how to tie it prettily to bags? it's my first scarf (love it!) but i just suck at the whole tying thing!

    great collection by the way!
  11. Cute collection!^-^
  12. You can do it milodrinker!!

    First I fold it in half, like a pyramid. Then fold it in half again with the point going inward. Keep folding it until it's about 2" wide...a long, skinny rectangle. Once you have that done, tie away! I do the same thing for my neck or a ponytail. There are probably other ways to do it, but this works for me. Just play with it and have fun:tup:
  13. Beautiful scarves......I want the concentric one so bad.....
  14. Love em!! I bought my first scarf today.... yet something else to be hooked on from the Coach boutique!!!!
  15. Hooray, Voodoo! What, pray tell, did you get today? We must know ASAP:yes: