Pics of my Christmas presents from me, to me!!

  1. Well, I did it again! I surprised myself with some more beauties this Christmas. I swear......I am soooo good to myself, I can't stand it! Unfortunately, I will have to part with some of my other bags now. I used my Vegas $ to pay for some of these and need to recoop those costs in order to lose it again when DH and I go back to "Sin City" this January. Oh they are:
  2. Here are some close-ups:
  3. And................................


    Merry Christmas to Me!!! :happydance:
  4. They are all quite lovely! You treat yourself very well!!
  5. You got some nice bags there, congrats!!!!
  6. wow, great gifts to yourself! Congrats to you on your new purchases.
  7. whoohoo! What excellent choices! I wish I could do the same but I've already bought myself too many presents throughout the year lol. Well good thing "next" year is coming soon so I can tell DH I haven't bought a bag since last year..teehee
  8. wow, so gorgeous, congrats!! :biggrin:
  9. Great little group (and pretty table they're on !) I am liking that Prada patent red degrade a lot the longer I look at it Miu -- but if you keep diving over on the P side you're going to have to change your nick !!
    I like the frame gauffre too -- is it nylon? Can't tell from the pic. The scale likes really nice (buckle details, etc.)
  10. Wow! You're a great gift giver!
  11. Wonderful gifts to celebrate your ever growing Prada/Miu Miu collection!
    Congratulations, they're all beautiful!
  12. You give the best presents. LOL

  13. cream colour is my favourite ! congratulations !
  14. I love the camoscio leather tie-dye tote...I have the same one!! :love:
  15. I am so jealous.. J Congrats, they're all beautiful