Pics of my Christian Louboutin collection!

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  1. It seems that I have been suffering from withdrawl because I have been on a bag ban for a while...but I have developed a just-as-dangerous addiction to CL! I just thought I'd share some pics of my collection so far :smile:

    (BTW, I found the black wedge knee boots for 50% off at an after-Christmas sale!)



  2. I love the tan boots!!!!
  3. I'm seriously digging both pairs of tall boots. They rock.
  4. Ooh lucky girl!
  5. love them all! enjoy wearing them!
  6. Fantastic! Love them all!
  7. Nice!
  8. gorgeous, they are so addictive arent they!!

    great collection
  9. lovely collection! :flowers:
  10. How comfortable are the round toe pumps? I love your collection!
  11. And what is their name ? Fantastic collection, I love CL
  12. I really love your collection!
  13. very nice :smile:
  14. Lovely.
  15. Ooh, I like them all! :yes: