*PICS* of my Chanel jacket - as requested

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  1. Here is my new baby.. the colors are soo beautifull and versatile and the lining is heavy dove-blue silk.. yummy! I can't wait to use this baby!!



  2. Beautiful , what a classic peice.
  3. It looks beautiful on you. Perfect time of the year to wear it, congrats.
  4. you look so fab in it! how much did it cost? i love the jacket, it's so sweet :smile:
  5. the jacket looks wonderful on you - congratulations!!!!!!
  6. Beautiful! I am really starting to get obsessed with the tweed jackets! Congrats on it, it looks fantastic on you!
  7. Love your new jacket.....it is gorgeous and gorgeous on you!
  8. Beautiful, I love the colors and it looks great on you too!
  9. Gorgeous, congrats!
  10. ooh, so pretty, congrats!!
  11. It's a work of art! :heart:
  12. i love chanel tweed jackets and it looks fabulous on you :smile: !
  13. Love it, Congrats!
  14. It's beautiful and looks absolutely amazing on you! :love: Congrats!
  15. Congrats! loooove Chanel jackets;), and this color looks amazing on you!