Pics of my Chanel bags

  1. Nice to find a subforum for Chanel. I love Chanel bags! Here are mine.:P
  2. TD4 collection!!! :love:

    Actually it looks very familiar.
  3. WOW!!!!!Those white bags are HOT!
  4. Gorgeous collection!!! You have TWO 2.55 Reissues:love: --no fair! I love them. Is the grey a medium and the black a large?
  5. Yes, I especially love the large white caviar classic bag in the last row. That one bag is GORGEOUS!!!;)
  6. Yes, good eye. Gray is 226 (med) and black is 227 (large).
  7. Thanks so much. Its actually an Ivory Jumbo. Its one of my favorites.
  8. How pretty!! is the white one a small, single chain/225?
  9. The small is a small white classic caviar.
  10. Lovely!!!!!
  11. Lovely bags.
  12. very nice chanel collection!
  13. Luccibag: Beautiful collection! I love them! =)
  14. holy moly thats an awesome collection!!
  15. Wow! Great collection!!