1. Here are the pics of my black purse after lubriderm.
    p2.jpg p3.jpg pl1.jpg p1.jpg pl.jpg
  2. wow thats amazing leather!!! great job!
  3. Congrats :yahoo:Black is always classic and chic.:tup:
  4. wow! woosah that black purse looks great!
  5. Thanks everyone...I love it..and am happy to own I feel it is a classic!
  6. So glad the Lubriderm worked out for you!
  7. Gorgeous leather !!
    Congrats on your new Purse !
  8. Very pretty and the leather looks amazing!!!
  9. Wow! The leather looks great!!!

    Did you use regular lubiderm lotion?
  10. It's beautiful! Congrats!
  11. Yes just regular lubriderm...with original scent..I think is what it says!
  12. Congrats on the new purse. I really like the purse style and the leather looks TDF!!!
  13. Woosah! It's beautiful! Glad the Lube worked out for you:smile:
  14. OMG woosah :nuts: this black purse is BREATHTAKING :yahoo:!! WOW it looks so smooshy :drool: just PERFECT :yes:
    CONGRATS and thank you for sharing :flowers::love:

  15. Wow, that's a fantastic bag! Love the color, style, leather, everything -- enjoy!