Pics of my Black Paddy from Sophisticated Spirit


Great pictures I love Arizona and Nevada and can't wait to go back there. Hopefully next year.
Chloe is beautiful! That looks exactly like mine. So if the Chloe experts here vote Authentic then the SS website gets an A+ and after all of the questions I asked Lynda I will have to post great feedback for her.
fayden said:
looks real to me...


I could just kiss you!!! I purchased too and haven't used it yet because of the comments about SS on another thread. I will post pic's later on even though I am pic dumb. If mine looks authentic too maybe this will clear up all of the SS web site confusion.
Greenie said:
Darn that thing is heavy tho...went shopping today and thought my arm was going to fall off! =)

you will get used to it. took me about 2 weeks to build my arm muscles up! now i'm fine. i used to have my bf carry it for me!
ahhh i am so excited i just pre-ordered the whiskey paddington with the shoulder strap from SS. can't wait to get it, too bad i will have to wait till feb/march! and yes, she sounds really nice the phone, very chipper!