Pics of my black bow satchel *new version*

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  1. Hey guys, I got my miu miu black bow satchel 3 weeks from Saks and it is the new version. Although I like it a lot, I think I like the old version better. It has a better material and it's more bold... so I kind of regret this purchase :confused1: Does anyone know if I can possibly return the handbag to Saks? I've already been using it for 3 weeks...

    The new one appears to be a different material; it's softer and thinner. Therefore, it seems like it's more delicate and may tear or rip more easily so I have to be extra careful with it. I'm aware that the old bow has some problems with rips, and I haven't had any problems with my new version one yet.

    I've taken some pictures of it, since I haven't seen anyone post much about the new version of the bow... Let me know what you think!



  2. I love it! I was waiting to see what the new one looked like before I made the splurge. Do you like how the top opening works. I think I would like that. What Saks did you get it at? Not sure of Ska policy on returns on a used bag, are there any problems with it?
  3. I'm new to this brand, but I really like it. Maybe it's cause I'm a Balenciaga girl, and it's seems slouchy and lightweight like Bal. Bal leather is thin but very durable, so I'm imagining this leather might be too.
  4. asin, I think the new black bow looks gorgeous on you! But I must admit, I too, like the old bow more :Push: The new bow looks really simple.

    I know that SAKS lets you return items up to 30 days... I think. Or more. I did that with my old bow, but I only used it ONCE. I think many girls on TPF (and yourself I hope) wouldn't appreciate someone returning a bag that has been used for 3 weeks now...

    But goodluck on your decision!
  5. Hi Asin,
    I have the black bow in the old style, and so far have had no problems with cracks or tearing. If you like the old style better, I think you could still find it if you get a Saks SA to do a search for you.

    The one you bought looks like distressed leather, which is not my favorite. The old black bow is a nice sturdy calfskin.

    I hope you can find exactly what you want.
  6. She's right! The black bows don't have much problems. Actually no problems at all because they are made from CALFSKIN. The only bows with problems are the ALLUMINIO (I have this one), Mughetto (the pinkish one) and some Talcos.. I've read.

    The black bow is actually one of the most steadiest! And the suede brown one...

    Don't keep a bag you don't enjoy!
  7. Shockey, the top opens and closes by two buttons. It makes the contents of your bag easy to access, but I prefer a zipper closure.

    OH I just checked my receipt and realized that I got it at Neiman Marcus, not Saks, in San Francisco. I got it on March 18th, so it's been a little over 30 days :-/ Does anyone know what is the return policy for Neiman Marcus? The bag is still in excellent shape.

    I think the bag is made of distressed leather and it's good to hear that it should be durable. I'm a newbie when it comes to expensive bags so I don't really know much about them! The bag is very lighweight, which is a plus.
  8. Hey Asin! I have the old black bow but I like the new ones as well! But if you don't completely love it, I suggest that you buy an old black bow. I've been hearing that Saks has been stocking up. Anyhow, I'm not sure what Neiman's policy is on a bag that has been used for 3 weeks but good luck!!

  9. Did you remove the tags? If so, you can't return it.

    I did return a bag past 60 days to Saks but it was unused with tags on. It was also at full-priced so the store was willing to take it bag.

    Most SAs are sharp about used bags. Distressed leather or not, you'll need to explain why it was used and your reason for returning it.
  10. After you've used a bag, you really shouldn't return it. Its not fair to the store or the next person who gets stuck buying a used bag for full price. Sorry.
  11. I actually like the new version. But if you've already been using the bag for 3 weeks now, it might be better to sell on ebay (yikes) or to someone you know. If I even use a bag once, it's not returnable IMO.
  12. im getting my hopefully authentic black bow on tuesday!!

    i like the bows on the new one better
    but i think i like how the older bow closes with the zipper and a slight fold over

    ive never owned a premier designer expensive purse

    i own one coach the polka dot white frame one,, cause i dislike coach usually but that one i had to have

    i own one betsey johnson black bow frame purse (clearly i like bows)

    i own a few tokidoki lesportsac which ill be selling off to help pay for my bow!

    and now ill own the bow
    im new to designer bags

    but yea if you dont like it find out the return policy and see if you can return it or exchange it but as far as i know once tags are removed its hard to return expensive items ike that