Pics of my BJ

  1. I just found out it is actually a j year bag instead of i . I AM SO HAPPY

    Does the birkin looks big on me?
    DSC00087.JPG DSC00081.JPG DSC000821.jpg DSC000851.jpg
  2. You look FAB! I love the full body shot. YOU are so slim and look cool and the bag is a wow factor. There has been so much blue jean action on threads these days. I am so happy for you and it is great to start a new season with a gorgeous bag!

    Cheers to you and much to celebrate!!
  3. I think it looks FAB on you! Thanks for the body shot!
  4. Chloe that bag is HEAVENLY! And no it isn't too big, fits you perfectly :nuts:
  5. I love larger sized bags!
  6. You have a great, long, lean body and that bag fits you perfectly. Congrats!
  7. i think it looks great on you! the color is beautiful!
  8. super duper good looking bag on you!!CONGRATS!
  9. I can't remember if you have already mentioned it, what size is it?:smile:
  10. Looks great on you!
  11. its a birkin 35.

    I tried the same outfit with my tan birkin but it looks a bit too casual.. I am quite surprise that it matched so well with the blue jeans birkin.
  12. The bag takes it up to a whole different pops!
  13. You look fabulous with that bag. It is a great color. Congratulations.
  14. Very nice!
  15. It's gorgeous! Just gorgeous! ANd looks fantastic on you! Congratulations!!!!!