PICS of My Birthday Surprise from DH

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  1. :heart:((PROCLAIMING to the PURSE FORUM))) I love my DH…he is the BEST DH in my WORLD!:tender:
    As of late I haven’t been on the forum in my usual addictive manner, but the DH knows that this place is my “crack”. I spend hours dooling over the pics and chatter. So I found it unusal when the DH asked if I still like that satchel I have on my wishlist. I said yeah, but it is way out of my league. PCE took all my play cash and I am going to have to wait until next PCE. DH laughed and said yeah I remember boxes coming to the house and how your eyes glazed over. DH loves to tease me, so I thought nothing of it.
    So Wed, we are arriving home from work and I see a box in front of the house. I asked if he purchased something, you know like for the grill or truck, and DH say Maybe. So we get closer and my BIONIC eyes see the yellow tape Coach seals the boxes with..and I exclaim..YOU GET SOMETHING! DH says MAYBE.
    I cant get out the truck fast enough. I get the box and bring it into the house. DH taking his sweet time going to the mail box, pullin the trash can to the curb, and I am in the house looking at this box with his name on it. I have a pairing knife all set to open the box, then it hits me….MAYBE it aint for me. Maybe he really got something for HIMSELF at MY STORE …at MY ADDICTION STORE!!! AND WHY is taking him FOREVER TO GET INTO THIS HOUSE!!! :wtf:
    Finally he comes in and I am sitting in the family room like,” whatever, So what there is coach box on our table”. DH says…I thought this box would be in THREADs, you didn’t open it. I said it wasn’t addressed to me. He said well I see you got the pairing knife to open it anyways huh? I said “Shuddup! Are you going to open it.” DH said I got ya something but I am not sure if you are going to like it. I said is from Coach. I asked can I open it. DH says sure, but ur birthday is not until tomorrow. I said I know…..Thinking (snickering) that my DH couldn’t possibly thought ahead to ask JAX to gift wrap the item, so I would be able to look at the item and hold it in my grubby lil hands (GLH) right after I open the box… it will feed my ADDICTION!. As I cut open the box, the DH had it gift wrapped! I WAS SO TORN….I LOVE GIFT WRAP…but I NEEDED to see this ITEM!!!!:hysteric:
    DH loved every moment of his teasing me. He watched my every move. GLEE when I opened the box, CONFUSED when I saw it was gift wrapped, FEAR that I had to ask the DH, “You gonna make me wait until tomorrow to open it for my Birthday????? HAPPINESS when he didn’t make me wait! :happydance:
    Choc-Choc Sig Satchel 1.jpg Choc-Choc Sig Satchel 2.jpg Choc-Choc Sig Satchel 3.jpg Choc-Choc Sig Satchel 4.jpg
  2. Congrats! what a great gift!
  3. That's awesome. Pure torture until you held it, but awesome!
  4. OMG! That is effing amazing!!! Congrats, BEAUTIFUL bag!!! :yahoo:
  5. Beautiful bag...Lucky and Happy B-day.

  6. What a SWEET dh you have!!! That's so very thoughtful :smile: Love that bag too, congrats!
  7. Thank you!! I am still in AWE!! I just look at her...and get all weak in the knees! :heart::tender:I want to wear her SOOOO bad...but I think I am going to TRY and hold off until SEPTEMBER...I dunno...I dont think I am going to make it! LOL
  8. What a well-written, suspenseful story! Congrats on your beautiful new Coach baby & Happy Birthday!
  9. Wowie!!!!! Tell your DH GREAT job!! And Happy birthday to you!!!!! :party:
  10. Congrats & you have such a thoughtful DH! Great bag & HAPPY BDAY:smile:
  11. That's sooooo great!! Happy Birthday!!
  12. Great story! Good job DH!! Congrats and Happy Birthday!
  13. Congrats!!! Love it!!! What a sweet DH
  14. Beautiful!!! What a great dh. :tup:
    Happy Birthday!!! :yahoo::wlae:
  15. Thank you all for the kudos. I do live to torture my wife (BigSpendaBecky) in such a way. The sheer glee and giddyness she displayed was priceless. She was like a 8 year old on Christmas morning. I could not bear to make her wait until the next morning. As I got the mail the trash can and spoke with my neighbor, BigSpendaBecky was grapping the box off the front step. I thought for sure she was going to thrash open the box before I walked in the house. I only wish I video tape the event. But as you have seen, BigSpendaBecky captured just about everything in her own word. I LOVE YOU :heart: BigSpendaBecky. Enjoy your Legacy Satchel :yahoo: