Pics of my beautiful new Pocket Square!!

  1. Hi all,

    Went to Hermes today. It was again a wonderful visit. I came home with this absolutely beautiful pocket square. It is all different shades of orange. The pic does it no justice!!
    pur.jpg DSCN0431.jpg
  2. It's gorgeous. You'll have so much fun with it!!!
  3. Beautiful scarf! The colors just pop! Enjoy it in the best of health!
  4. It's beautiful! Congrats & enjoy!
  5. Congrats!!!! That is gorgeous! Watch out these are sooooo addictive. :upsidedown: :lol: Love it!
  6. Beautiful!! I have this scarf in pale pink but yours is so much prettier, the colors are so vibrant.
  7. So pretty!! You are fast with the pics girl!!
  8. Just wanted to say love the wallet also and I saw your bag (in your avatar) in person today at LV and it is stunning. I think I gotta get one in black. :love:
  9. Love the pocket square! I really want one, but there is no store close to me and I want to be able to see more than just the few that are on the website right now. Congrats!
  10. You really can't beat Hermes Scarves!!!
  11. I love the orange! Congratulations!!
  12. Gorgeous! Enjoy.
  13. I love it!! Enjoy!!
  14. That is such a dainty scarf! I really like it!
  15. what a beautiful scarf! hermes definitely has a lot of pretty designs to choose from, it can seriously be addicting trying to collect more! and at $100 they seem like such a steal!!