Pics of my almost 48 years old Black box kelly!

  1. I just got this 32cm black box vintage (1960) retourne Kelly! Its in amazing condition and it had my initials on it !! Just wanted to share some pics with people who could actually appreciate this. lol. I LOVE IT!!

    Not bad for her age!!!

    A happy family

  2. How wonderful!!! It also has your initials!! :tup: I love it.
  3. The leather has a really nice patina to it. The overall condition looks great. Congratulations to your new addition!
  4. Wonderful find! Congrats!

    Lovely family portrait. :smile:
  5. Unbelievable Patina!! Congratulations! I love the initials too, adds to vintage allure!! How lucky they were yours too.!!!
  6. WOW! Your initials? Kismet! She looks amazing! (I hope I look that good when I'm 48!)
  7. oy vey i wet my panties ! it is mindblowing beautiful congrnts now use her for the next 48 years(and more of course) in good health .
  8. you will just remember regular spa visits mandatory :lol:
  9. gorgeous kelly!!!!!!!
    enjoy it
  10. That's sooo awesome!! It's beautiful!
  11. ^^^:roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  12. :yes::lol:
  13. What an absolutely exquisite bag!! [ahem, a Black Box Kelly is also my 45th b-day gift to myself I hope...if I can't find a man to get it for me, LOL!] Got a few years to go.

    Congrats!! It's gorgeous.
  14. I would also love a vintage Kelly!

    Congrats on a beautiful, classic Kelly...
  15. Wow, that is utterly amazing. It was meant to be, it having YOUR initials on it. I have seen initials stamped on a few Kellys, I think it looks perfect. They probably monogrammed their bags quite frequently back then.