PICs of my 2 passions.......come see!!

  1. I have 2 passions in my life right now. 1.) is our family's restaurant, which I am currently smack-dab in the middle of remodeling (we built it over 35 years ago and was in dire need of renovations) and 2.) HANDBAGS (most recently I have been bitten by the "Prada Bug")!! Here are pictures of both....................:love:
    First the new bags........

  2. My, my, what beautiful bags! :smile:

    More pictures of your bags 'modeling' in the restaurant please!:tup:
  3. And here is the restaurant (part of the reason I can support my bag addiction!)
  4. All are gorgeous; your bags and the restaurant. What kind of food do you serve?

    The black Prada with the made me suck my breath in. Gorgeous!
  5. Okay, here are some modeling pics. This is not me, but one of our lovely hostesses whom takes MUCH better pictures than I could ever even dream of...................
    [​IMG][​IMG]and a couple more of the restaurant..........................

  6. We serve Mexican food. My grandparents started the restaurant over 57 years ago as a very small cafe-style establishment. Now, it has become a full-service restaurant with full bar and seating of over 325 persons!

    As for the black Prada...............I couldn't be more happy. I ordered it from BG without having seen it IRL, so I was a bit nervous. Once it arrived........I fell immediately in LOVE with this bag!! It's definitely a KEEPER!! :tup:
  7. Wow, beautiful bags, and the restaurant looks amazing! And you are one beautiful lady!! Congrats on your new Pradas!
  8. lovely bags and restaurant!!!
  9. Beautiful bags...Love both!!! !!! and very nice restaurant :smile:
  10. your bags rock,especially the brown one[ I can only differentiate by colours so far,still my freshman on miumiu;)] as well as the restaurant !

  11. Grace 123,is it your own miu coffer in cammello on your avatar???! hmmm,yummy !:okay:
  12. Beautiful bags! What a lovely restaurant. Mexican food is my favorite. Congrats on both!
  13. Miu2 so nice to see your face :smile:))))
    I love the black Prada -- saw it in Neiman's yesterday and it is such great leather. It looks really good on you. Good luck with the work on the restaurant !!
    And Happy New Year !!
  14. Thanks Jenskar!! Nice to hear from you again, as well. Unfortunately, that is not a picture of me, but is a picture of one of our lovely employees. I WISH I were that young and beautiful again!!! :girlsigh:
  15. Very few people can realise even one passion and you have both, lucky girl! :smile: