Pics of my '04 Pewter Classic!

  1. Well, here she is. Shiny!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
    Pewter.jpg Pewter2.jpg Pewter3.jpg Pewter4.jpg Pewter5.jpg Pewter6.jpg Pewter7.jpg
  2. Now I am truly:
  3. Cal, your pewter First is awesome!!!:love: And you look amazing wearing her!

    Lol @ Sofa King Bag Banned! That's hilarious!:lol::lol::lol:
  4. so pretty!!! CONGRATS!!!!!
  5. Congrats!! Such a pretty bag!
  6. You got it!!! Congrats, it's very beautiful!!
  7. Congrats Cal, you look so beautiful!!!!Isn't getting a new b-bag better than sex?
  8. Thanks Ladies. Here are a few more pics....
    Pewter8.jpg Pewter9.jpg Pewter10.jpg Pewter11.jpg Pewter12.jpg
  9. Yes Indeedly Doodly!:graucho:
  10. beautiful the colour
  11. Gorgeous Cal, your baby's gorgeous and looks terrific on you, esp with that cute outfit!
  12. That's beautiful--and I agree--looks great with the skirt.
  13. cal its such a gorgeous bag :girlsigh: its looks so nice on you lovely outfit by the way its looks amazing with the pewter :yes:
  14. Bad, bad Cal... ;)
    You look amazing in that outfit. Too bad the bag is going to have to reside in the closet for a while :biggrin: D'you want me to send you a paper shredder for those CC bills? ;)
  15. I love the pewter! Fab outfit, as well!