PICS of my 04 Lilac First YAH!

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  1. This is the 1st pic, I'll post the rest on a separate post since the size exceeds the limit on attachments. The bag arrived in less than 24 hours after I made payment. It's gorgeous! Didn't look like it's been through 2 handlers before me at all. Other than a few scratches(only 1 obvious one, and the rest are pretty minimal), it looks practically brand new! Leather is yummy, much much thicker and slouchier than the recent seasons'. The handles are in excellent shape, I'll definitely be putting some lovingmybags for handles only stuff on it very soon. Size wise, it fits me great, not too large and not too small(I'm 5'6" small built). I'm glad I decided on looking for the first instead of the city. Since it didn't come with extra tassles, I ordered with Sarah from BalNY some tassles yesterday(we weren't sure if we're talking about hte same color) but we'll find out once I get them and go from there:smile: Putting on apple guard's new spray as we speak:smile: SOOOOO OVER THE MOON, thank you Meemie & nHelle:smile::wlae: more pictures below...

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  2. Here's another pic, the color definitely changes under different lighting, but the 1st pic above is pretty true to the color:yahoo:

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  3. Last one, just got back from running outside....amazing how it looks completely in terms of colors with different lighting:love:

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  4. Congrats!! What a beautiful Bbag you have. :love:
  5. very pretty!
  6. :yahoo: YAY! That's light speed shipping. Good for you!

    So happy you love it... I just recently got a city and the color is in a league of it's own. I loooooooooooove it.:love:

  7. it is! i love gray and blue and wear alot of those two colors and the bag just perfect to go with pretty much everything in my closet!:roflmfao:
  8. wow..stunning bag. :drool: Shame no pink/lilac in ss07 collection.
  9. Yay!!!! :cutesy:
  10. i was thinking about that too, i love blue too, but blues are everywhere in every season it seems:smile:
  11. yay!

    its beautiful
  12. :drool: Wow what a gorgeous color!!! You can see the smooshy quality of the leather in the photos too. Really a beautiful bag. Congratualtions!!!
  13. Wow it is so beautiful! It looks great on you..congrats!
  14. Congrats sweetie!! I am glad that you love it and it went to a great home!!! I love lighting fast shipping so that's why I ship so fast. I hate to wait so why should anyone else. LOL Enjoy!!!

    Oh and does this mean the desk is clear at home...
  15. WOW, and super fast shipping FOR SURE!!! I wish all sellers were like meemie!!!