Pics of Mono Speedy 25 w/ strap~~Anyone have one??

  1. I really would like to see the 25 with strap on someone. Anyone have any photos they can post for me?? TIA!:flowers:
  2. :crybaby:
  3. Sorry, Chag, I've retired my Speedy 25 many decades ago and I had straps for both Speedy and Alma bags. I know most PFer's think it's weird, which was how I felt with my first Speedy. But, I was quick to change my opinion when it rained or hands are necessary for quick shopping! Otherwise I would have posted pics of both bags for you. :sad:
  4. ^^^ there is that strap and also a vachetta one. I know I am in the minority, but I like the straps on speedys ;)
  5. I've posted a pic of it before but it was on the 30, not the 25.
  6. I am sorry but the thought of a strap on a speedy gives me the willies. That's just me though - and I too would like to see pics.....I am curious to see what it looks like.
  7. I've seen pics, and it just doesn't look right, looks sooo much like an "afterthought"..they don't go together.

    I had high hopes though, I really wanted to buy a strap for my speedy, just to have that flexibility, but I hate the way it looks. :sad:
  8. Hummm well maybe not :sad: I don't think I like it with the strap. Thanks girls for the help!!
  9. They have had straps forever on the Speedy. Each generation of young people always has this view of the the strap being strange. I suppose it's strange when one is not use to it at present time.
  10. I got a canvas strap for my 25...
    it doesn't look good...
    but I still keep it inside the bag when I use it,
    just incase I need handsfree for the kids.
    gimme a a few minutes and I'll take a pic for you.
  11. I bought a strap for my damier 30 (that will hopefully arrive today!) I got the last dark strap in the country according to 866-VUITTON. I'll post a pic when it gets here.
  12. Strange is in the eye of the beholder, but the Speedy doesn't have the proper rings for the strap to attach so it has to hang on the handle rings, which is awkward. If they created a ring so that it could attach at another place, more on the edge of the bag, it would look better, IMO. It's an opinion, nothing to argue.
  13. Yes I was told they don't recommend the straps unless you are not planning on using it everyday like that. I plan to use my strap for traveling - when I need my hands free at the airport....
  14. I've seen the strap and the Speedy displayed at the store once. It's a practical idea.