PICS of Mono Rivet Bag & Pochette!!

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  1. Sorry just got back from Disneyland :yahoo: so I hope this isn't a duplicate thread. Ok so I went back into the LV boutique to pick up my envelope pouch yesterday (which I decided not to keep) and saw the new Rivets bags. They have the big bag with is pretty big to me when I put it on my shoulder, it's $1950 (??), pretty expensive. Then they have the pochette which is super cute!! This is $675!! OUCH! I think it's way overpriced but compared to the reg mono pochette, it rocks! I am on the waislist for the pochette but not sure if I'm gonna take it. I like the it but the strap is so skinny and tiny I'm afraid of breaking it or something. Dunno. :shrugs:

    Pics were taken on the DL with my cell phone......................shhhhh!! :sneaky:

  2. Very nice actually, thank you for posting...
  3. Pochette looks cute, thanks for posting the pic!!
  4. Thanks..the purses are nice, but not the prices...hehe
  5. WOW!!! these bags are HOT!
    i love the big one better but NOT her price:push:
  6. love the pochette, but definately not the price!!
  7. I saw them yesterday, not for me.

    Thanks for the pics
  8. Love them, especially the big bag. Thanks for the pics.
  9. Thanks for posting, I like the big one a lot better than the pochette :biggrin:
  10. pochette looks cute...somewhat reminds me of the perfo..with that lil zip thingie.
  11. Wow I really love those bags! When I thought Rivets, I was thinking something else, but that is awesome. I'm not ready to spend that much on a bag though.:push:
  12. I love them both!!!!
  13. Thanks for sharing the pic!
    I want to see them IRL!
  14. great looking bags, thanks for posting!
  15. I like the rivets so much better after seeing that there are no studs on the strap. saw a pic somewhere with studs on the strap.

    Anyway I'm glad its a little less busy without them. I'm on the list for the rivets.

    BTW why did you decide to return the envelope pouch? Mine is on its way. :shrugs: