Pics of Messenger PM Bosphore

  1. It's been a really busy week, but I finally took some pics of my Messenger PM Bosphore. :yes:

    I'm really enjoying it!!!
    LV (2).JPG LV (4).jpg LV (5).jpg LV (7).jpg LV (6).jpg
  2. Congrats! : )
  3. Congrats! I love this bag--sooo cute!:yahoo:
  4. *Congratulations*
    Glad that you are loving it, it's really cute!
  5. Congrats! this bag is so cute...i want it!
  6. Congrats - it's lovely ! :yes:
  7. Congratulations! It's such a cute bag!
  8. Congrats.
  9. Oh la la!!!
  10. :nuts: Congrats!!!! Nice buy and thanks for the pics:flowers:
  11. Congrats- you will love this bag- I love mine... Good Choice
  12. Love it!! Congrats!
  13. oooooh I likey. gorgeous
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