Pics of Merlot ZC and Key Pouch (and everything else)

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  1. Sorry for the new thread. I was just going to edit the old title, but I couldn't find that option.

    I didn't get pictures of the inside this time, but the ZC has a warm taupe satiny fabric lining and it feels pretty durable. (I still hope my next one will have the suede lining.)

    It's from the 2008 spring line and was purchased at Bloomingdales for $235. The key pouch was a total impusle buy, but I had to use my credits somehow.:smile:



    If you'll excuse my daughter's bed as a backdrop, here's a quick picture of everything else I've picked up in the last month or so with the help of everyone here.:smile: Thanks again!

    Black New Tote (NWT), First Season White Stella, Caramel Blake and Ferrai Red Small MP

  2. Congrats, love the zc and key pouch, great colour and the pouch is so cute. You have a really nice collection :yes:
  3. zuzu... i am so jealous! that is such a good deal and the ZC is absolutely stunning!
  4. That Merlot color is GORGEOUS!!! It's such a rich, deep shade. Love that you got both the ZC and key pouch!! Congrats and beautiful collection you've got going. :nuts::tup:
  5. Beautiful! Is the color of the Merlot ZC accurate? I just LOVE it. Love the other items too, esp the red mp....
  6. Great collection! The merlot is so pretty!
  7. the merlot is beautiful! looks great with the gold h/w!
  8. Love your stuff! Are the ZCs at Bloomingdales on sale too? Love the rich colors of your reds-- :nuts:
  9. The Merlot is soooo pretty. Gorgeous zc and key pouch! Congrats!!!
  10. Thanks, everyone! :smile:

    shop2drop1, The color Merlot is a touch lighter than the color I see on my monitor, but it's pretty close. It seems to be a little more red than the Bordeaux, if you're familiar with that MJ shade.

    girl_chill, Even though MJ wasn't supposed to be part of the % off sale they had going through this past Friday, the SA was kind enough to give me 15% off and allowed me to stack four of the $25 off coupons. I did notice a table with a few bags that were 25% off (no ZCs), but the sign was gone when I went in the next day to get the pouch.
  11. Beautiful Merlot!! -- If I wasn't still so in love with my Bordeaux ZC, I think I would need it!:nuts:
  12. the merlot color is amazing! i think i might like it better than my bordeaux, but i wish it were lined in suede. the key pouch is good too. great score!
  13. the merlot is stunning... congrats!
  14. Merlot is one of my favorite colors, congrats!! Love it!
  15. wow, that's a fabulous deal, wish I could have pulled off something like that!