PICS of Medium Coffer vs. Large Coffer

  1. Well, I know that there have been a lot of questions regarding the difference in size between the Medium vs the Large (original) sized Coffers. So, prior to shipping back my Medium sized coffer to NM, I took some pictures of it next to my original sized Coffer. Hopefully this will give some of you more perspective as to the difference. Hope it helps!! ;)
  2. I'm going to post more smaller pics.......................
  3. Here................
  4. Thank you...I was going back on forth on what size to get. I am 5'9 so I am going to get the large. Thanks again.
  5. And a few more..................
  6. FYI - the last picture on the left is of the medium bag directly on top of the original sized bag, with the bottoms even. :flowers:
  7. Wow! Their sizes are quite different. No wonder you feel it is too small. Indeed, it IS small. Hopefully you will find a larger size in that color soon.
  8. It seems like the dimensions of a balenciaga First but deeper. Does anyone know if that's right?
    Oh, I get so dramatic when I'm waiting.
    But isn't the pink fantastic?!
  9. It's easy to see why I couldn't fit anything but my continental zip closure Prada wallet in the "medium" on Saturday when you look at them this way.

    I always thought the Coffer was huge seeing it only in pics until I got my first one last year. It's really not big at all. I can see it has the potential to carry a lot, especially with the outside pockets, but I don't use them except to store the messenger strap and as a quick place to stash my keys.
  10. Thanks Miu! Great pics and they do help! I think the small is too small for me, too.
  11. Miu2 - those are great pics....and I just can't stand it seeing your beautiful black coffer! Can we say drooling over here??!!
  12. The pink is absolutely one of the most beautiful colors I have seen on a bag, not to mention the gorgeous distressed leather with the slight sheen to it!! I don't normally wear a lot of pink..................but I'm gonna start!! :love:
  13. Oh, I'm sorry it didn't work out! It's such a gorgeous color, too!
  14. great pics and a very useful thread! thanks for posting this, i had no idea the 2 bags were so different in size..
  15. thanks for the pics! the dusty rose is a nice colour. the bag does appear quite small against the original size