Pics of Me Wearing Brief and Hobo 3 colors

  1. Hi there.. here are pics.. though not the best.. of 3 bags.. one is missing the Marine city. Sorry they aren't the best.. and I'm on benadryl about to pass out so please dont hold me responsible for anything said crazy

  2. Beautiful!! I love that you chose vibrant colors, and white is so clean and classic!
  3. I love the green gh hobo!!! You have a great collection.
  4. They all look great but my fav is the White Brief :heart:

    Congrats!! :yahoo:
  5. your green GH bag looks cool....:yes: :yes:
  6. They all look fabulous on you! Thanks for posting!:yes:
  7. Stunning collection and you wear them all beautifully.
  8. Wow you have the elusive GH Hobo!! Where did you get her?

    You look gorgeous with all your bags - great collection
  9. HONEY!!!! u look HOTTT !
  10. Gorgeous bags! I really love them all but the hobo is TDF
  11. I love them all but that Hobo is literally TDF!!!!
  12. i love the red hobo!:heart:
  13. That Hobo hangs just perfect! I LOVE IT!
  14. I got it from Balenciaga in NY :smile: Thank you all very much!! I'll be adding another just not sure which yet.. would love a purple bag but don't think I'll find one :crybaby:
  15. great looking bags and they look great on you!!!!!