Pics of Me and My New Damier Speedy 30!!!

  1. Congrats, can't see the pics, but I'm happy for you!!
  2. Pic didnt work...
  3. No go with the pics
  4. Couldn't see anything??
  5. Gorgeous!!!!!!
  6. I can see the pics now! Looks fabulous! :kiss:
  7. Oh I love it! I want one so badly, but it's going to have to wait :cry: .
  8. it on you..
    love you wedgges !

    Just finished shower, can't wait to pick up mine
  9. I really want one
  10. Nice!
    Love your wedges too :smile:
  11. beautiful!!
  12. I had to redo the pictures...they are up now.
  13. Woo Hoo!! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:biggrin: Beautiful!! I can't wait to get mine!!!!!!!!! Enjoy!!:amuse:
  14. WOW looking good!
    Love your shoes BTW
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