PICS of Mastic Giant Hobo with gold & silver GH

  1. Here are pictures of the Giant Hobo in Mastic with both colors of hardware. Also the new Olive with silver hardware which Daphne said was very edgy with the silver against the dark Olive. The last picture is of a gorgeous Cinnamon Part Time with incredible leather (that one is on it's way to my Mom).



  2. Thank goodness you're back, posting photos! I really missed these posts!!! Welcome back!! :flowers:

    I'm really liking the silver w/mastic ... not sure why, but it seems to work.
  3. I love the silver with the mastic--it's a great contrast!
  4. the cinnamon looks great! good choice.
  5. your mastic DAY with the RH looks so much better, must be the lighting... these look really yellow to me :confused1:

    yummy cinnamon - lucky mom!
  6. Okay, I still like the gold with the mastic, but the olive with SGH is rockin!:rochard: Did you get the olive, Powerpuff, or are you just posting for our enjoyment? Sometimes the temptation here is so great that I can hardly stand it - now I think I want another bag (damn, the DH is not going to be happy about this:nogood:).
  7. I love the olive w/ SGH.. one of my most versatile bags yet. :jammin:
  8. I LOVE the olive with the silver hardware! Ahh! Do they have that in now?! In the Day!?!?
  9. They currently have it at BalNy, Vert Fonce SGH Day. :yes:
  10. i love the silver hardware
  11. I'm not so keen on the SGH on the mastic... it kinda makes it look green? or is it my screen settings? but the PT looks yummy though! love it! thanks for the pics! and remember to post modelling pics of the PT when you get it! congrats! your mum's so luck!
  12. I'm not getting this bag, I just thought I would post the pictures that Daphne had sent. The color on the Mastic is horrible in those pictures and I almost passed it up because of that. Their lighting is the absolute worst and apparently they won't let them take the bags outside to photograph. Why can't they put a natural sunlight light in the stock room for photography? I think when we pay this much for bags at the very least we would like to see the true color of the bag.:yes: I expected some yellow and I don't see any in my Mastic. Just a sandy beige. Like Sandstone with no grey or pink and a bit lighter.
  13. Thanks for the pics, powder:heart:

    LOVE looking at all of your pics....Actually, much to my surprise(I generally don't like GH at all), I like Mastic with SGH!
  14. *sighs longingly at the vert fonce*

    Does anyone know where I can find a sugar daddy? Or does someone have one they would be willing to share? I need something in vert fonce with SGH (as well as mastic, and jaune, and violet - the list keeps going!)
  15. I hadn't been too impressed by the Olive, but it looks stunning with the SGH! Thanks for the pics!