*PICS* of Mastic City... Tell me what you think

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  1. Remember my Mom got the Mastic Giant Hobo with SH and it was almost like a sandsone, nothing like my Day. So she sent it back with my mirror so they could match the color.
    The only thing that matched was a City bag. She was sent a picture of the City. She emailed me the picture after she got it from BNY.
    I told her look at the handles, they look as if they have no color but it may be the lighting so be sure to email them back and make sure it's the lighting and not the bag and she did. She never got an email back and she had said if it's just the lighting, then go ahead and send it.
    Well, today the bag arrived. She opened it up and guess what, it wasn't the lighting. She emailed me pictures and I said you should call them right now, so she did. She is always so nice to all of her SA's and I'm not mentioning names but after the phone conversation she called me and said, " I'm just going to keep the bag".:cursing: When I asked her why she said drop it but I persisted and she said she felt like they thought she as being too picky! PICKY? To want a 1200.00 bag that the dye takes on the handles like it does on the rest of the bag? It looks like the dye didn't penetrate the handles.
    I think from now on, I am going to get my bags where I can return items that have a defect instead of waiting forever while they hold my money. She said don't make a big deal, but this is my Mom and she is always so sweet to everyone and I can tell that she was not treated nicely if she thinks that she should just keep the bag. I'm sure I will get the full story tomorrow.
    Look at these pictures. The handles are almost colorless, so one gets accused of being picky? This is the nature of Baleciaga bags? What a nice excuse to use for no quality control! UGH UGH and UGH!
    Look at these pictures:
  2. :wtf: Yeah, that's a HUGE difference!!! I feel like you do...if I am going to spend this much on a bag I want it to be exactly like I want it to. I AM picky and I don't feel bad about that. I feel bad for your mom!
  3. ^ totally agree!
  4. that is awful!! don't let your mom get walked over by those SA's - that bag looks like crap! those handles are a joke!! i would demand a replacement or a refund. and i totally agree with you - it's worth the extra effort to buy a bag from a place that not only takes returns but is considerate and respectful of it's customers! sheesh:tdown:
  5. That's a big diff in color ! That bag is a defect! You have every right to be picky! You 've been nothing but a great repeat customer, you deserve nothing but quality customer serv and bags! Hope everythng turns out ok..
  6. Yeah that bag actually looks bad. Send it back!!
  7. I agree with everyone. Send it back and demand a refund. Even email them these pics if you have to incase they somehow 'can't recall' what bag that you are referring to.

    Those pics speak for themselves. Its like a bad patchwork leather job. No good. Definitely return.
  8. Wow, I can't believe (ok, yes I can) that the bag got past QC.

    I can believe it after the Blueberry Day I had where I had the same problem!!

    The handles were so leeched of color and moisture they looked and felt completely different than the rest of the bag. I bought it at NM and they happily took it back, and refunded my shipping.

    Good luck, wishing you the best resolution for your Mom :flowers:
  9. I agree with everyone, Powder, and think you should send it back and demand a refund!:cursing: My mum is also very sweet and always way too polite and I get really upset when people treat her with disrespect because of that!:hysteric: I hope everything works out well!:heart:
  10. i don't get why they just won't let her exchange it?
  11. thats terrible!!! look at those differences! good luck and hope everything turns out good for your mum!... remember when you're too nice and sweet, you get taken for granted and walked all over! so stand your ground and demand a refund! fingers crossed for ya!
  12. Wow, that's a BIG difference! It's one thing to have "characteristics" on leather but another to have completely un-dyed handles!!!!!
    And they didn't respond back to her email?? Wow, this isn't the BalNY I know....

    I'm so sorry this is happening to your mom:sad: Can't they exchange it for something else, or give her store credit for it?
  13. Thank you for your5 support girls! I was just astounded when I saw they sent that bag. UGH! They did tell her to send it back, but I can tell that things were said that made her feel bad. She didn't want to go into it because she knows I post on here. Oh well....
    I'll find out exactly what was said tomorrow. She didn't feel good and didn't want to go into it. However I got enough info from my Dad to know sort of what was said and it was something to the effect that made her feel she was too picky and that her SA felt bad and that she couldn't please her.
    Okayyyyyyyyyyyyy after between the 2 of us, we have probably given her about 25,000. in sales the past 18 months. You all know I have always been a huge fan of BNY and always said how nice they were, well let me tell you, ever since this magenta thing, they seem to have major attitude.
    I sent an email today asking for a credit for my magenta and I would then cancel the chargeback. They said okay but it was not that friendly an email.
  14. No she called and spoke with her SA. She told her to send it back but something was said that made her feel bad about complaining. I'm sure it wasn't anything mean, it's just that she is always so nice to her SA, never rude, always sweet and she has the flu and it just really ticked me off that they made her feel like that she was too picky.
  15. What a disappointment, powder! I'm sorry to hear that you're not getting the great service one would expect from a store. I understand why you feel so upset for your mom. I would hate for my mom to be treated this way, too! The bag itself looks gorgeous, but the handles are a completely different story. I'd send it back in a heartbeat! The handles are always the first thing to darken and with the handles on this particular bag being super light...they'd look REALLY bad after awhile!

    Good luck and please keep us posted!