Pics of Massai cross-body needed

  1. I've searched and searched and only found one picture of a massai cross-body. The one that I found was at an angle that made it hard for me to get the full impression.

    I love messenger bags, like the versatility of the massai, but have no H near me to do a try-on.

    Even if you would never wear it this way, could you try it and take a picture? I would be very grateful....

    Thank you!!
  2. Sorry CK, no pics here...but this just made me crack up b/c I flashed back to when I tried the Massai on cross body. :roflmfao: S'mom can attest...not a good look for me!!!
  3. CB,
    What about it didn't work?

    I know that both you and I are fans of the Evelyne--wonderful bag! I was thinking (hoping!) that the massai would give me another messenger type option, but with the additional versatility to wear it with the shorter strap...
  4. I was curious about this too. Hope I can see some pics as well.
  5. can't get mine across my body either....
  6. I can and I will take pics a little later. after work and after dinner....
  7. would love to see the styling photos!!!!
  8. Today I'm very busy esp. the kids.... tomorrow I will try it and see if it works.
  9. I'm a 34D and when I tried it on cross body it just barely fit and just looked...:roflmfao:

    But I love it non-messenger with both straps. That's how I'll wear it if I ever get one!!! :sweatdrop:
  10. I'll try to snap a photo for you later tonight or tomorrow :smile: I never wear it with the long strap, messenger-style - not comfortable for me - but it did look pretty cool when I tried it that way.
  11. Cristina, gg, hk--thanks in advance!!

    CB-34D--How many times have I wished for that??
  12. I am too petite to wear the massai cross body - it looks too long and I am with CB on the D cup thingy :sweatdrop: It somehow looks unproportional on me :flowers:
  13. A bump for my request--hoping that someone can post a pic!

  14. What about a Trim with an extension? I don't have one but the Trim comes in many sizes plus there's a zipper. You can use a bracelet belt type as an extension and the Trim can be a messenger bag? Some ideas for you to toss around.
  15. OMG, me too! I have to be careful where a bag hits on my body cause my "family curse" makes me look super horizontal when a bag is on the same level as my, er, "curse" I mean blessing... no it's really a curse. What my neck wouldn't give for a lighter chest and a bigger bag!! :nuts:

    I need to try one on at the store. I want a messenger bag again, I've tried to go without for a year and I'm noticing big time. The Evelyn is probably best for me, I'm thinking...