Pics of Marine giant gold needed

  1. I am in the market for a marine with ggh.:yahoo:

    I know they are sold out, but wonder about the color? (Dark Blue)
    Is it similar to navy blue?
    Does anyone have pics of a marine, so I can see the color up close. With GGH)

    I would be very happy about it, if you can help me.
    I might be able to get one soon.

    Thanks so much.:tup:
  2. Loooove this combo!! Here is my Marine GGH City.... Well, I actually sold it for a different style and have been :crybaby:ever since!!

    Marine GGH City.jpg
  3. OMG it is so beautiful.....I know now for sure that I will get one, if I can find:nuts:
    one ....I just might.
    Thanks so much for the pic......any others to tease me???:wlae:
  4. here's a marine day gh from the reference library. check out the clubhouse too. loads of pictures, i'm sure.

  5. This is my fav combo too..............i just love it!
  6. i think is look like GGH anthracite? isnt?
  7. does look similar to anthra but marine doesn't have green undertones like anthra. under daylight, marine shows off another shade of blue, whereas anthra can appear greenish or tealish. anthra is like a chameleon. isn't that why you got yours? ;) maybe i don't describe it well. check out the numerous pictures in this forum to see for yourself.
  8. Wow, the combo is amazing!!
  9. glossie sounds expert
    u think i gona buy another one...
    PT or work size is better???
    i heard balenciaga gona stop making combo is that true?
  10. that's new to me so there you go: i'm certainly no more expert than you are :lol: GH is not my thing, actually. so if they really stop doing GH bags, no love's lost :p why not choose another colour for variety? i do think blues and GGH go really beautifully together but SGH has been v refreshing with some colours too!

    eta: as for style, it's really v personal, so you've to read comments from others and make your own judgement. better yet, try the bags out irl. i had the PT for a while and don't think it's for me. it's a cool shape but i'm not v good with longish bags.
  11. this is my fav ggh combo too! too bad i missed it i'm still :mad::smash:myself over missing it!!!
  12. Here is an old (and blurry - sorry) pic of my Marine GH Day.
    I really love that combo:heart:
  13. mmmm Marine is gorgeous!!!!!
  14. I agree!!!!!!! Marine is gorgeous!!!!!:heart:
  15. Maybe the picture of Mandy Moore will inspire you more to get MARINE in golden hardware. ^^''
    i think marine is a nice color , easy match , go with almost everything
    before i really desparate for a marine in twiggy size...
    but i have a shade of blue already .. hehe ..
    u should get one !@@@:heart::tup:
    mandy-moore-dj-am-holding-hands-disneyland-05.jpg MandyMoore_3.jpg mandymoore.jpg