Pics of Marine Brief with GH???

  1. Hello -

    I am really wanting a marine brief with GH, but would love some pics, first (no stores near me carry Balenciaga and I like to get a sense of what the bag would look like on...).

    Any help would be GREAT!

  2. this pic is from luisaviaroma...
  3. I have a pic of marine day w/ GH on eBay right now if that would help with the color.
  4. Thank you!

    I love it the more I see it!!!
  5. Please note that these are N O T my pictures. I found these pictures on eBay a while ago & I save them. [​IMG]
  6. [​IMG]
  7. [​IMG]
  8. OMG...Suli ... that is just STUNNING! your sig line is so funny! What did you choose in the end?

    HappyAngel...thanks so much for sharing the eBay pics...I especially love the first one!
  9. I was at NM today lokking at the colors they had. Does anyone else think Marine loks like Ink? I have never seen Ink IRL but they look so close in color to me. What do you think?
  10. Yes, except that I think that Ink is more of a chameleon and has more of a purplish tinge. Actually, in those pics above, Marine looks more like Blueberry to me.
  11. On the last pics Marine reminds me much of Blueberry, too.
  12. Me too. I wonder if it is lighting, if color varies from bag to bag, or if the color looks brighter with GH. The color of a marine city that I had (but returned) was not that bright and did not look similar to blueberry.
  13. citychris, why did you return your Marine? I'm thinking about getting something in Marine and would like to get some opinions.
  14. The marine in the above pics looks a lot like Blueberry. However, the bag that I saw IRL at NM looked much darker and more uniform that the Blueberry color.