Pics of many MINI LIN in DUNE items!

  1. ;) I hope it wasn't posted before.
    11.jpg 22.jpg 33.jpg 44.jpg 55.jpg
  2. such a cute line. This color is refreshing. Love it
  3. Here is also pic of pochette cancun in mini lin and belt in Dentelle...
    999.jpg 5555.jpg 657524.jpg
  4. thanks for sharing!
  5. i like the pochette that like the pochette tikal? mainly used for cell phones?! lOL

    I love how LV has names for their items that is unrelated to waht they are used wapity=digi cam or small accessories and pochette tikal = cell phone and lip gloss....maybe it's just me.
  6. I love the speedy. But I doubt I'll be able to use it. It's too pretty and I'll be so consumed of watching where it sits..afraid of getting it dirty. :p
  7. Thanks moko007 for sharing the pics! Love everything! Now I have to find my sa.
    Cancun in mini-lin is s-t-u-n-n-i-n-g!
  9. Thanks for sharing :biggrin:
  10. love that little cancum so cute in both colours thanks for the pics!
  11. I love the cancun but I don't know what I'll use it for.
  12. Oh, I love the Cancun and the Speedy. I gotta show my mom the Saumur in Dune. She has it in Ebene and loves it.
  13. Thanks for posting the pics, very pretty...
  14. so love your speedy. congrats what a great purchase.
  15. Love the speedy in mini lin