Pics of LV Monogram Saumur Needed!

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  1. Hi girlies...Im in a dilemma as to whether I shld get the LV Saumur. I need a new shoulder bag!

    Would you all be so nice to put up some pics of you and your LV Saumur in action?

    I would really love to see pics especially carried as a shoulder bag instead of a sling-across bag!

    Thank you!:yes:
  2. Not mine but I have some pics...^




  3. SO classy!
  4. i have one in's a great & classy bag!!! and yet casual!

    great for shopping, hands free!!!
  5. Nice! I like this!
  6. noe noelie: Thanks for the wonderful pics! It has been helpful!

    Sophia618: yeah, Im thinking of it too! I need a casual and one that is not so "in ppl's face" kinda bag, if you know what i mean.