Pics of Luxe Line Metallic Goatskin and Fall Deerskin (side-by-side)

  1. With all the debate about the spring and fall leathers, I took a photo of the spring metallic goatskin flap and fall deerskin bowler side-by-side, as well as the flap on my shoulder. It's a super comfy bag! The deerskin finish is more matte than the goatskin, especially IRL. I couldn't imagine the flap in the deerskin leather though; it was made for the metallic goatskin. This bag could go from dress down to dress up much easier than the bowler, which I feel has a more casual shape. Click on pic to enlarge photo - I made them too small.


  2. thanks for showing this, it's helpful! i think i preferred the spring. been debating about a lux flap for awhile..
    may i ask how tall are you? :smile:
  3. I'm 5'2" - but am standing on the couch to reach the mirror! :biggrin:
  4. roey, I think they're both wonderful bags. In the pics you can see the bowler is matte, but not that much.

    Also, do I detect another Firm junkie? I do it everyday :wlae:.
  5. Yes! LOL!! The Firm helped me lose 60 lbs many years ago! I'm a fitness instructor but never go to the gym - I always use my Firm workouts or workouts by Cathe Friedrich (Aerobic, Exercise and Fitness Videos by Cathe Friedrich). I've stopped caring that my living room looks like a gym - it was too much trouble to lug all the weights and boxes out of the spare bedroom for my workouts. :lol:
  6. I hear you about living rooms looking like a gym :shame:. My husband just stubbed his toe on one of my weights the other night :Push: and was less than happy about it :shame:. I told him he just has to watch where he's walking, LOL!

    I have some Cathe but that woman kicks my :censor:.
  7. Cathe's strength training tapes are awesome! Try her new Gym style DVDs - I love them all! No nonsense heavy weight training. I adore Cathe's style; she's fun and effective. But you're right that you can't help but curse the TV when she's on. :lol: :rant:

    Back to bags!
  8. :flowers: and yes, back to bags :smile:.
  9. great comparison shots, roey!
    i think both look great- just a different degree of shine.
  10. Roey, the flap bag is stunning:heart: ! Is the leather really soft, does it scratch easily?
  11. thanks for the comparison shots, it was very helpful!!
  12. I find the leather to be a bit stiff but will probably soften with time and use. The texture is such that it won't scratch; it appears to be really durable for a metallic bag. For someone who isn't a "flap fan", I have been carrying this bag for three days straight!

    If you're on the fence, jump over it! :graucho:
  13. Roey - isn't the leather on the flap cool?? I have the shopper in that leather and the bronze bowler in the new leather - I am sooooo glad I have both... I haven't taken bronze out of the box yet... no time this week - def. next week when things quiet down over here!!
  14. How funny you mentioned that japskivt because a few of my friends thought I was crazy to have such similar bags. At least yours are different colors! :biggrin: I love the metallic goatskin on the flap and shopper (the shopper looks lackluster in the smooth leather) but cannot picture it on the bowler. Maybe the bowler shape appears too casual for the metallic black. But the bowler rocks the deerskin!

    I'm so glad I have both too. I would felt like I missed out if I didn't own a metallic black piece from the Luxury line.
  15. I feel the same way - Jimmy Choo has boots in a similar leather that I got way before the bag and then later realized they go well together - haha!! I love the texture - it seems very durable!!